Q: Can I join SL? 

A: You can join SL if you are a high school student between the ages of 13-18 years old and you live in Texas, Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia


Q: How do I join SL? 

A: SL is an invitation-only community. In order to join, you must be invited by a current member or by a participating youth-serving professional. Please click here to learn more


Q: Can I join SL if I'm homeschooled? 

A: Yes! You can still join SL if you are homeschooled, but instead of requesting an email invite from a youth-serving professional at your school, you can ask one of SL's community partners. Note: This must be done in-person for security purposes


Q: Can youth-serving professionals see what I post on SL? 

A: No. Youth-serving professionals have a separate community space just for them and they cannot see any of your information (pictures, discussion posts, etc.)

Q: What happens to my profile when I graduate? 

A: Because SL is a community for high school students, your profile will be automatically deleted when you graduate.